A situation knocks you down and you are left with a choice to get up and fight back, or give up and quit. Eight over seven derives from getting knocked down seven times but to recover eight times, perseverance is better than defeat.

The Japanese term is nanakorobi yaoki or 七転び八起き.

It was through one of those moments of adversity came the vision of Eight over Seven. A company that immerses itself in whatever activity it must perform with total dedication and focus.

Cannes Film Festival Winner

“I can confidently attest to being thoroughly impressed with Elford’s work ethics and abilities. Our professional association has, to date, been ‘smooth sailing’, and I look forward to future projects together.

On my last film project (written and produced by yours truly), Elford proved to be an invaluable asset to my production team. The costumes he created were, in a word, fantastic.

I have already engaged Eight over Seven to join on my next venture (my feature film directorial debut), which is already proving to be one of my best decisions. I know that a project so precious to me is in good hands.”

Jay Wheddon
(IIWII Productions)
Cannes Film Festival Winner

Though Adversity Comes A Vision

Eight over Seven is multi-faceted in its operational parameters and vision.

Our aim is to invest in our own growth, whilst at the same time widening our scope of activities through partnerships (utilising areas we have acquired experience and working knowledge).

The business model is based on operating in several genre’s, pro-active and streamlined in order to embrace change, whilst being adaptable to suit the needs of clients worldwide. The company strives for operational excellence, customer satisfaction and partner integrated relationships.

Eight over Seven has a cerebral tailored strategy to partnerships, with the emphasis on:

• Organic growth through innovative marketing and pioneering branding techniques.
• The use of technology to embrace fundamental changes in business operations.
• Setting high service standards in all areas of a diversified portfolio.
• The support and regeneration of local communities.
• Promoting, preserving and protecting the environment, via various environmental friendly project initiatives.

Services and innovation are the keys to today’s success.

Our Unique Selling Point (USP) “ We define lives rather than life defining you” stresses our beliefs that bringing together business, technology and people is the way forward.

Our vision serves as the framework for our roadmap to success and guides every aspect of our business by raising the bar in order to continue achieving sustainable and quality growth.

Enlighten The Weak - Create The Strong - Empower The Masses

Strength & Honour

The Committed Professional

‘While being Executive Chef at Hilton London Green Park Mayfair I had the chance of working with Jyoti.

Jyoti is a committed professional, her great customer care and support has always helped the hotel and entire team shine. She is very detailed in her tasks and shows professionalism of the greatest order.

I can recommend Jyoti for any future endeavours she may take.

Lailit Bishit




RP2 Director Martin Cole with wife Fiona and Dame Shirley Bassey at the Pride Of Britain Awards 2018, in a bespoke 8over7 suit.